Meet Our Team

Coach Lauren

Coach Lauren has been jumping for 21 years and coaching for 13. She has been one of the coaches of the USA Jump Rope All-Star Team. Lauren spent the end of 2012 touring with Cirque Dreams in the U.S. and South Korea, and the end of 2013 touring in Cancun, Mexico. She spent the first part of 2013 teaching jump rope in Vietnam.
Coach Rebecca

Assistant Coach Rebecca has been jumping on the Twist-Its for 12 years and has been to both Regional and National competitions for the past 10 years. She has won multiple regional ribbons and two national ribbons.
Coach Abby

Abby is a 16-year-old junior at Tanque Verde High School.† She has been a member of the team for 8 years and currently helps as an assistant coach.† Abby most enjoys working on team routines and Jump Rope For Heart demo performances.

This is Abbyís third year with the team. When Abby is not with the team she will usually be baking, cooking or trying new things. Abby loves being on the team and sheís excited to be on the team in the years to come.

Anna is a 14-year-old freshman at Tanque Verde High School.† She has been a member of the Twist Its for 6 years.† Anna has competed in a number of regional and national tournaments.† Her favorite part of jump rope is the wonderful friendships she has made over the years.

Bridget is an 11-year-old 6th grader at Tanque Verde Elementary School.† She started on the Jumping Beans in first grade, but by the end of that year, she'd moved up to the Twist Its.† Bridget's favorite events are those that involve competition, speed, and endurance.† Bridget is a national champion in all the individual speed events.

Brooke has been jumping with the Twist-Its for 6 years. She has attended three Regional Competitions and earned ribbons for Double Dutch and Pairs Routines. In addition to jumping rope, Brooke is an avid reader, and she loves Music Theatre and playing the piano. She attends Calvary Chapel Christian School.

This is Carter's first year jumping†with the Twist-It's. She loves to read and play the piano, just like her older sister Brooke. In addition to jump roping, she loves to craft, make jewelry, and watch American Ninja Warrior Junior. Carter attends Calvary Chapel Christian School.

Chloe is in her fourth year. She is in middle school, loves learning new tricks, and is especially good at cartwheeling into a double dutch routine.

Delaney is in her fifth year with the Tucson Twist-its. She had competed in two regional competitions and has won first place in the freestyle event as well as in double unders, both years. She enjoys performing in shows as well as being an ambassador for the Jump Rope for Heart Association.†

Diamond participated in summer camp and is working hard to learn new tricks with the team.

Elise is in her third year on the team and has medaled at Nationals.

Isaiah is enjoying his first year with Tucson Twist Its. BMX bike racing, basketball, swimming and running track are some of his other favorite things to do.

Jayna is loving her first year as a Twist-It!† When not jump-roping, Jayna is also a member of the Gators Swim Team.† Jayna is in third grade, and has an older sister and a Beagle puppy named Kupo. Although she practices jump roping all the time, she also enjoys reading and watching videos on her computer.††

Julia is starting her 5th year with the Twist-Its, having started as a Jumping Bean. In addition to jumping, Julia enjoys playing basketball and hanging with her friends. She is looking forward to Nationals, especially presenting her Freestyle.

Kailey is an eighth grader who has been jumping for 4 years. She has gone to Nationals twice, and won several medals and ribbons. One of her favorite jump rope trips was to Alaska! She is also a fourth degree black belt in Karate.

This is Karah's eighth year on the Twist Its, and she has loved every minute! She is a sophomore in high school, and has been to several regional and national competitions, at which she has placed in numerous events. She has also been to two world championships, and at one got a bronze medal with her 4 person single rope team. Karah not only loves to compete but also enjoys performing in shows, and loves her teammates!†

This is Kateís first year with the Tucson Twist-Itís and she is loving it!† She loves working with the coaches and being a good teammate.† When she finds the time to put down her jump rope, you can find her practicing the piano, playing tennis and helping with her younger siblings. †

Levi is starting his sixth year with the Tucson Twist-Its. He performed in New York City as part of the double dutch fusion team, and has traveled to Alaska with the Twist-Its.

Madeline is in her seventh year as a member of the team. She enjoys both speed events and freestyle. At the 2018 Nationals she placed in the top ten in six events, and was ranked eighth overall. She recently competed in the World Jump Rope Championships where she took home two bronze medals in the team events.

This is Maggie. She has been with the Twist-Its for three years and loves the camaraderie with her fellow Twist-Its.

My name is McKenzie Warren, Iím 12 years old and I have been on the team for 5 years. I enjoy coming to practice to learn new tricks and see my friends. In my spare time I like swimming, talking to my friends, cleaning, baking, and cooking.

I am nine years old and this is my first year on the team. I love doing the Awesome Annie trick and making so many new friends. When Iím not jumping I love baking and science.

Roger is in his eighth year as a member of the Tucson Twist Its Jump Rope team. Roger has competed at Regional, †National, and World Jump Rope competitions where he has placed in the top 10 for many events and recently won team bronze medals in Norway at this past summerís world jump rope competition. He also enjoys marching band (trombone), as well as 4H (pigeons, chickens, cavies, pygmy goats, and shooting sports projects).

Rosie's favorite trick is the kreuger. She thinks it looks cool and itís easy to do.

Rylie is in her 7th year on the team. She has been to Nationals 3 times and has won awards in speed and freestyle events. In 2018, she competed in a Double Dutch tournament at the Apollo Theater . She loves performing, competing and teaching others.

Sadie is in her second year with the Twist-Its. She has been learning lots of new tricks, and loves performing in shows and participating in summer camp. She looks forward to competing this year for the first time. Sadie is a second grader, and also enjoys playing soccer, swimming, and backpacking with her brothers.

Samantha has been with the team since 2017. She loves jumping, soccer and art. She really enjoys performing in shows throughout Tucson and at schools for Jump for Heart .

Skylar is starting her fifth year. She has traveled all over the world competing in jump rope, and medaled in 4 person single rope freestyle at World Jump Rope in Norway this past summer.

Titus is excited to start his second year with the Twist-Its and loves everything about jumping rope!.† He enjoys participating in the summer camps and teaching anyone he can some new tricks.† He looks forward to learning new tricks, growing in the skills he has already learned, and performing throughout the year.† He hopes to compete in more competitions this year!

Toni is in her third year. She plays volleyball in her spare time. She competed in the Oregon Coast Classic last year, and is looking forward to Nationals next summer.